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At MyShliach we take our mission statement of  Caring for the well-being of Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide very seriously. It is with this in mind that 2 years ago today we launched the Regional Shabbatons initiative, with the goal of bringing a Regional Shabbaton within driving distance of every young Shliach living outside the scope of attending a Lubavitcher Cheder.

To date we have held over 30 such Shabbatons for both boys and girls respectively. A Shabbaton typically includes 48 hours packed with Chassidishkeit and fun blended together with a strong sense of pride in being Shluchim. They are chaperoned by responsible and Chassidishe MyShliach staff, with the goal of sending these children home reinvigorated and with a new Chayus for their Shlichus.

Feel free to explore past, current and future Shabbatons by clicking below:

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שמואל אליהו הכהן וזוגתו  שרה יסכה


יהושע וזוגתו  דינה גוטמן

שירה, אוריאל מנחם הכהן, הילה, אילה



If you would like MyShliach to direct a camp, children's program or shabbaton at a Kinus or retreat you are hosting for Shluchim please click here.

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