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'חיילי צבאות ה

Registration Form - 5777

Chayolei Tzivos Hashem is one of the many programs MyShliach offers to support Shluchim in providing high quality Chassidishe Chinuch for their children.

We are happy to offer the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem program to you. With the help of Tzivos Hashem we customized the popular school run program for you to run from your own home!

Once you fill out the following information your child/ren will be registered for the coming year of 5777.

Registration fee is $55 for the year 5777 which includes shipping of medals, magazines and store prizes.

Membership Includes:
• Complete Online program

• The MyShliach Store (100s of prizes!) Free shipping in the US
• End of Year Auction (Mega Prizes)
• Complimentary Subscription to the weekly Hachayol Magazines

Please Note: Select Myshliach as your school, not Anash Kinder. You will be charged shipping for Anash Kinder.