Below you will find A variety of useful resources including: teaching your child Yiddish through a sicha, a fully prepared Shabbos table Dvar Torah, extra curricular weekly learning, something special prepared for each Chassidishe Yom Tov and More!

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Learning Packets:
This is a great compilation of learning, covering a variety of areas for a weekly dose. Includes: A sicha from the weekly parsha - taken from “Ma'ayon Chai” with a summary in english, a chassidishe theme, exploring a topic in yidishkeit through the eyes of Chassidus, a story - taken from “The Storyteller” or various other sources, and trivia questions. This packet was created for the Ach Sheli/Achos Sheli Chavrusa Program and now we are happy to share it with the parents.

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Back To Basics:

A very user friendly and informative curriculum developed by a shliach from the Yeshiva Gedola in Melbourne, Australia to learn Yiddish through sichos as well as mastering very fundamental Sichos from the early Chalokim. The course is customized for a beginner’s and advanced level. Included is a vocabulary list and explanation of concepts in chassidus. This is a great way for your child to master Yiddish and learn a sicha at the same time!

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Sichos from "Maayon Chai" and Der "Rebbe Redt Tzu Kinder":

Lebben Mit Di Parsha Fun Di Voch -

Geared for younger ages, these summaries of Sichos are explained and broken down very clearly.

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שיחות מ"מעיין חי" ומ"דער רבי רעדט צו קינדער":

-לעבן מיט די פרשה פון די וואך

מיועד לגילים צעירים, קיצורים אלו

משיחות, מבוארים לילדים בגיל הצעיר

ל'מעיין חי לחץ כאן

ל'דער רבי רעדט צו קינדער לחץ כאן

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Yoma Depagra Resources:


A day to recall.jpg A Day To Recall A Day To Remember:

Created by Rabbi Sholom Ber Avtzon - A very detailed account of all the Yomei Depagra. Enrich your child's week by marking a chassidishe yom tov when it comes up, using this very interesting description of the special day.

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Yahadus Curriculum:

Different useful resources for Yomim Tovim based on the Rambam's Sefer Yad Hachazaka.

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Yud Shvat Resources