My ShliAch Ach Sheli / Achos Sheli Program is dedicated to the Rebbe’s most precious representatives: the children of Shluchim.

In our devotion to all Jewish children world-wide – our young Shluchim are a central responsibility in the Rebbe’s Shlichus.

The program:
One-on-One – For every child: A mentor, a guide … a friend

Each week your child will have the opportunity of talking, schmoozing and of course learning with a My ShliAch chavrusah.

We expect of our Bochurim and girls to spend up to an hour a week with your child. This may be split in two half hour periods. We provide optional material for our mentors to use as well.

Grants and Fees:
Our cost to run such a program is well over $100 per child per month. A grant from the Rohr foundation allows the children of Shluchim to have a personal Chavrusah for a nominal fee of $175 for the school year of 5777 (That's $5 an hour!).

Please note: The Bochrim and Girl mentors are compensated for their time by our office.

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"Thank you Chaim so much for all you do for Mendel. He looks forward to learning each week with you. The time he spends not only creates a chayus in learning but a sense of pride and joy in general. Thank you! H.L. - Maryland.

"My oldest son is 9 and attends a small, local Jewish day school with minimal interactions with other Lubavitcher kids. We saw that he really could use an older "brother" figure and Myshliach has filled that need perfectly! The weekly call is a chance for him to feel special, talk about what's going on in his life, learn and hear stories - things that he enjoys and are important for a child his age. MB's call is punctual and well prepared. Thank you for this great opportunity!" - N.C. - Georgia