The mission of MyShliach is to instill core Chassidishe values and knowledge into the children of shluchim. Myshliach cares about the wellbeing of yaldei hashluchim and helps them achieve their highest potential by focusing on the individual, while allowing them to feel part of a large, worldwide force which has the mission and vision of the Rebbe.


MyShliach’s vision is to support an environment of Chassidiskeit for children of shluchim, especially those who are not located in a regular Chabad community.  

MyShliach will provide children with an older mentor who will guide and direct them in the Chassidishe derech, one-on-one. The Chayolei Tzivos Hashem program will motivate the children through a range of innovative and motivational programs. An online virtual community will be created with classes, games and videos, so the children will be able to interact with one another. Squad meetings will put further emphasis on child to child interaction, helping them feel part of a much larger force dedicated to fulfilling the Rebbe’s vision.


MyShliach is committed to providing an environment where children of shluchim can interact with an older mentor; acquire Yiddishe and Chassidishe values; thrive; and connect with other young shluchim their age.

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