About Us    

nurture375.jpg My ShliAch Chavrusah Program is dedicated to the Rebbe’s most precious representatives: the children of Chabad Shluchim.  In our devotion to all Jewish children world-wide – our young Shluchim are a central responsibility in the Rebbe’s Shlichus.

A mentor, a guide … a friend.
Wherever they are – My ShliAch will provide Shluchim’s children professionally-supervised one-on-one guidance and education at all phases of their development:  

  • A personal Chavrusah
  • Personal advice, friendship and caring attention                                                        
  • Guidance in Chassidishe conduct
  • Yeshiva preparation for children in local day schools
  • Year round camp counselor    

Often it is beyond the scope or capacity of schools and yeshivos to provide sufficient individual attention . The mentor’s one-on-one relationship will help all those who share in shaping the child’s development –uniting us in the common goal of the best education and the brightest future. 

My ShliAch System 

Each week your child will have the opportunity of talking, schmoozing and of course learning with a My ShliAch chavrusah of his own. We expect of our mentors to spend an hour a week with your child. This may be split in two half hour or 20 minute periods. 

Coordinated, professional mentoring for your child
Older students – as Shluchim to yeshivos, counselors in camp, etc. – often serve as guides, tutors and role models for their younger counterparts.  My ShliAch represents the first coordinated, professional effort – on a large scale – to match pairs of older and younger students, with the infrastructure to ensure successful relationships. 

Matching your child with a mentor
Essential to that success is choosing the right partner for your child.  Through our online questionnaire, you will help us get to know your son and we will discover what you would like him to gain from the mentoring experience.   Our mentor questionnaire will tell us their strengths and interests; and based on location, personality and preferences we will match your child with a chavrusah to help him achieve the goals we together set out.

Training and Supervision
Chosen from our best yeshiva and kollel students, our mentors are talented – and care about educating our young Shluchim.  Each mentor will participate in training sessions to give him the professional tools to make the most of his relationship with your child.  Mentors will report weekly and receive ongoing professional supervision and advice.

Content and Curriculum
Guidance in Growth and Learning
The support and guidance your child receives in his individualized mentoring relationship can become essential to his personal – and Chassidishe – growth and learning.
Our website provides lots of material for the Bochurim and girls to use.We advise the bochrim what to learn which includes ‘Der Rebbe Redt Tzu Kinder’ or the sort; feel free to let them know what you might have in mind. 
In progress - directed by experienced mechanchim - is a special curriculum specific to the needs of Shluchim’s children.

Online Support and Networking
Our website will provide support and networking for students, mentors, parents and teachers, featuring bulletin boards with advice, articles and program schedules.  periodic emails allow you to track your child’s progress … keeping you informed and involved in the growth of your most precious assets – your children.

The program is designed for children age 8 - age 14.

Grants and Fees 
Thanks to the generous support from the Rohr family, My ShliAch is able to function and touch children and families around the world without having to pass the great expense of such a program over to the Shluchim.
Our cost to run such a mentoring program is well over $100 per child per month. The Grant allows the children of Shluchim to have a personal Chavrusah/mentor for a nominal fee of $175 for the school year. 
The Bochrim and Girl mentors are paid for their time as to assure consistency.

Connect. Motivate. Grow.

“Caring for the chassidishe well-being of shluchim’s children”.